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 "Tropiques Nord" one of our happy customers!

With the costs of new vehicles rising, protecting your investment is more important than ever before. A new garage or garage renovation will ensure you have the facilities to protect your vehicle from the elements while adding value to your home. 

Insulating and finishing your garage will increase the value of your home while helping you save on rising energy and gas prices.


Garage construction

Garage refinishing

Interior finishing, drywall and insulation

Garage door installation

A new or renovated garage adds lasting value to your home.



Add a beautiful new living space with an integrated room addition that completely blends into the look and feel of your existing home. Maximize your living space and add value to your home with a room addition 

Many older home do not offer the same floor plans as newer homes. Add value to your home in a competitive real estate market with a well thought out room addition. Get the most out of your existing home and grow with your changing needs.  

We use only the finest materials to provide you with lasting value. We employ only the best craftsmen who take pride in their work, give your job the individual attention to make sure its done exactly as you wish. 

We will help you choose the best design that complements your home, takes maximum advantage of the space you have available and meets your requirements. A renovated addition can increase the living space you have available and add thousands to the value of your home


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