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    The Benefits of Considering D.I.M. Stone




We will work with you to develop an approach and plan that best suites your needs, implementing the years of insight and experience to help with your solutions. Your written quote will be professionally presented, with absolutely no obligation or pressure.


We would like to mention that the job site is kept neat, and that daily cleanup (including regular vacuuming) is maintained. We are keenly aware that your house is your home, and every effort is made to minimize any disruptions.


Unlike some general  firms, we work on only one project at a time. This ensures that YOUR PROJECT will receive the attention and detail that you would expect and that YOUR PROJECT will be completed in a timely manner.


We do our best to present ourselves in a neat, respectful manner. Your trust and confidence is enhanced knowing that you will be treated with a courteous and intelligent approach. Plus, we are continually updating our tools & equipment to serve you better.


We manage every aspect of your project. From initial consultation, throughout construction and right up to final cleanup, we are on site, employing the craftsmanship, care and guidance you expect.


We count on your satisfaction for our livelihood! A sense of humour, cheerfulness and dedication to providing the best possible job is brought to work every day. We believe that these elements are just as important as the physical work performed.


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Information de contact/Contact Information
Adresse Postale/ Mailing Address: 14360 Boul. Gouin O., Pierrefonds, QC H9H 1B1
Tél./ Phone: (514)626-4442;
Télécopieur/ Fax: (514) 626-4470; Sans Frais/ Toll Free:
1 866 660 4442
Information Générale/ General Information: info@dimstone.ca
Ventes/ Sales: sales@dimstone.ca
à la clientèle/ Customer Support: order@dimstone.ca
Webmaster: webmaster@dimstone.ca

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